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Transfer of knowledge

Examples of TGP handbooks:

  • Checklist of woody plants of Guyana
  • Major timber Trees of Guyana: A Field Guide
  • Major timber Trees of Guyana: A Lens Key
  • Major timber Trees of Guyana: Timber characteristics and Utilisation

The TGP is involved in the dissemination of information. Scientific information, gathered during the research, should be made available to the users (planners, practitioners, the general public etc.). The TGP publishes handbooks of direct practical use and produces so-called integration studies. In these studies, scientific results are presented in a clear, concise and application-oriented way. The latest book in this series, called 'Ecology and Logging in a Tropical Rain Forest in Guyana, with recommendations for forest management is frequently consulted by people involved in forestry in Guyana.


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