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Overview  of Tropenbos-Guyana Series
  • Brouwer, L. (1996). Nutrient cycling in pristine and logged tropical rain forest. A study in Guyana. Tropenbos Guyana Series 1. Tropenbos-Guyana, Georgetown, Guyana. PhD thesis Utrecht University. ISBN: 90-6266-137-8
  • Kekem, A. van, Pullens, J.H.M., Khan, Z. (1997). Soils of the rainforest in Central Guyana. Tropenbos-Guyana Series 2. Tropenbos-Guyana, Georgetown, Guyana. ISBN: 90-393-1159-5
  • Zagt, R. (1997). Tree demogaphy in the tropical rain forest of Guyana. Tropenbos Guyana Series 3. Tropenbos-Guyana, Georgetown, Guyana. PhD thesis Utrecht University ISBN: 90-3939-1741-0
  • Ek, R.C. (1997). Botanical diversity in the tropical rainforest of Guyana. Tropenbos-Guyana Series 4. Tropenbos-Guyana, Georgetown, Guyana. PhD Thesis Utrecht University. ISBN:90-393-1773-9
  • Sanden, J.J. van der (1997). Radar remote sensing to support tropical forest management. Tropenbos Guyana Series 5. Tropenbos-Guyana, Georgetown, Guyana. PhD thesis Wageningen Agricultural University. ISBN: 90-5485-778-1.

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