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Development of parameters for sustainable forest management

Both ecological sustainability and economic viability and social acceptance should be included in a sustainable forest management system. To develop such a system, we want to know how to distinguish appropriate, sustainable use of forests from detrimental forms of use. This involves ecological, but also economic and social aspects of sustainability. The TGP approach is strongly process-based and aims at a true understanding of the principal processes affecting forests and their human communities. Eventually, the bottom line in a research project is practical application. Understanding these processes allows the extrapolation of results to a much wider area than the TGP sites alone. Significant projects in this category include studies into nutrient, water, plant and animal dynamics, and the dynamic relations between Amerindians and their environment. The ' gap study' is an example of a multi-disciplinary project that will produce precise parameters for forest management. What is the relation between the size of gaps created by logging and the composition of the plant species community that will colonise it?


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