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Determine the cost of achieving sustainable management

Economic advantages and disadvantages of sustainable forest management should be worked out for all sectors involved in forest resource management. One of the key elements for the acceptance of such a system by all actors will be a positive balance for the sustainable forest management system. The TGP has designed a forestry component to collect data on economic costs and benefits of sustainable forest management. Important objectives of the programme are training and capacity building. The intended impact of TGP is generated through two inter-linked strategies. Apart from generating knowledge necessary for a sustainable utilisation and conservation of Guyana's forests, it is vital to develop local capacities for research and monitoring of forest management. An important aspect of the capacity building strategy is the recruitment of researchers from local partner institutes (University of Guyana, Guyana Forestry Commission and the National Agricultural Research Institute)

The Ph.D. (overseas) and MSc (local) programmes provide training in forestry and forest biology in order to stimulate the development of a group of dedicated young professionals in the Guyana forestry and conservation sector.


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